This is Greece

The recent incident in Greek soccer is indeed didactic, leading to one general conclusion and several smaller related ones - all, alas, quite sad. The general conclusion is that the country has made little progress in terms of mentality in the 200 years that it has claimed to be an organized state.

River diversion project gets green light to go ahead

A contentious project aimed at diverting Greece's second-longest river, the Acheloos, from western Greece to the heavily farmed Plain of Thessaly, will go ahead after all, it was decided on Saturday following a meeting of State Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis and the head of Parliament's public administration committee Maximos Harakopoulos.

Ankara using refugee flows to hurt Greece

Costas Karamanlis' recent talks in Thessaloniki and London have triggered a lot of discussion. This was only to be expected given the suddenness of his reappearance; a lot was written and said about the matter, and many questions were raised. Meanwhile, the former conservative prime minister's supporters were delighted by his presence on the political scene.

Ex-PM Karamanlis warns Greece faces major challenges

Former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis warns that Greece faces major challenges ahead, in the escalation of Turkey's challenge to its sovereignty, the migration issue, Europe's reluctance to assume a leading role, US unpredictability and what he termed as "major weaknesses" of the Prespa Agreement with North Macedonia.

Trash cleanup to begin as politicians promise no layoffs

A man walks past an overflowing garbage dumpster in Athens on Thursday following nearly a week of strike action by municipal workers protesting the government's plans to make it easier for private contractors to undertake municipal sanitation projects. Teams were expected to start a cleanup Thursday though unionists have not ruled out further action.

Greek PM lashes out at predecessors, says he ‘succeeded where they failed’

Alexis Tsipras "would have been a very happy prime minister" if he'd been elected to govern Greece a decade earlier, instead of finding "empty coffers" in 2015, he told Open TV on Thursday, lashing out at his predecessors in the wake of comments by former conservative premier Costas Karamanlis the previous day.