Count Dracula

Water handicaps restoration work on 'Dracula' castle

Water coming out of a hidden tunnel has caused difficulty in the progress of the restoration work on Tokat Castle, also known as the "dungeon of Dracula."

The hidden tunnel, named "Ceylan Yolu," was discovered during the restoration work, which started in 2009, on Tokat Castle in the northern Anatolian province of Tokat.

Luke Evans’ new beefy BF threatens paparazzi on Mykonos! (Watch vid)

Hollywood actor Luke Evans’ new boyfriend angrily confronted a pair of paparazzi on a Mykonos beach this week, a scene captured by a TV crew that’s always on the standby on the “party isle’s” more elite beaches
The latest cinematic “Dracula”, the openly gay 36-year-old Welshman, was enjoying the sun, sand and surf on Mykonos’ cosmopolitan Elia beach when the incident occurred.

Hidden tunnel partially opened in northern Turkey

The first 30 meters of a hidden tunnel, known as Ceylanyolu, which was discovered during restoration work on Tokat Castle in the northern Anatolian province of Tokat, has been opened. The tunnel is estimated to be 350 meters long. 

Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Abdurrahman Akyüz said they were excited to find the end of the hidden tunnel. 

RIP Christopher Lee: Death of a screen legend (Photos + Videos)

Sir Christopher Lee, the screen legend famous for his roles in Count Dracula, Saruman in Lord of the Rings and Star Wars died in hospital at 8.30 a.m. on Sunday at the age of 93. The death certificate confirms that he passed away at Chelsea and Westminster hospital after suffering from respiratory problems.