Development Ministry imposes €243,000 fines on counterfeit products in Thessaloniki

The Development Ministry imposed fines totaling 243,000 euros on six businesses in the wider area of the northern port city of Thessaloniki for counterfeit products. 

During inspections conducted by the Market Control Interagency Unit (DI.M.E.A.), 34,626 counterfeit items were seized and destroyed. 

Police bust counterfeit travel document gang

Following a months-long investigation that also involved the cooperation of Europol, police have busted a criminal gang and seized some 4,650 counterfeit travel documents that were intended to facilitate illegal migration.

Eleven people were arrested as part of the investigation, with police believing that they facilitated at least 50 cases of human smuggling and illegal migration.

Fake goods more popular in Cyprus

A large portion of Cypriots have admitted to accessing content illegally, particularly for watching sports, according to a report from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

The report highlights that 54% of Cypriot consumers are uncertain about the authenticity of a product, and 17% have intentionally purchased counterfeit goods, against an EU average of 13%.

Over 126 tons of bootleg alcohol seized in Istanbul last year

Over 126 tons of bootleg alcohol were seized in 54 operations in Istanbul in 2022.

Istanbul police carried out a total of 54 operations, two of which were against the organized smuggling structure, between Jan. 1, 2022, and Dec. 31, 2022, in an effort to prevent the production and sale of bootleg alcohol.

JusMin Ion, at EU Justice ministers' meeting; counterfeit products endanger public heath

Minister Stelian Ion attended the informal meeting of EU justice ministers on Friday, which focused on protecting vulnerable adults, protecting intellectual property rights through criminal law, the link between counterfeiting and organized crime, and digitisation.

Hollywood Action Hero Sylvester Stallone with Fake Bulgarian Passport, Found in a Police Operation

The specialized prosecutor's office has indicted four persons  for participating in an organized criminal group for making and distributing counterfeit dollars and euros and Bulgarian ID documents. The accused have been previously detained during a police operation in January 2020.

At least 61 detained over fake gold production

At least 61 suspects were detained across Turkey for selling counterfeit gold in the market, according to security sources on Jan.8. 

The financial crimes police branch in Istanbul uncovered a network producing fake and low quality gold bars in eight different workshops in the city's Fatih district. They were gaining unfair profit by putting it on the market in Anatolian cities.