US Senators Push New Legislation to Boost ties to Balkans

New legislation introduced into the US Senate aims to support economic development in the Western Balkans through initiatives on infrastructure, trade and anti-corruption, including codification of sanctions to deter destabilizing activity. It also aims to strengthen security in Bosnia and Herzegovina and encourage Albanian and North Macedonian integration into the EU.

Croatia Hails ‘Clean Victory’ in Operation Storm, Serbs Lament ‘Pogrom’

Croatian political leaders, wartime generals and war veterans gathered on Friday in the town of Knin to mark the anniversary of the country's victorious military offensive, Operation Storm, which effectively ended the independence war in the country in 1995.

Putin is desperate, will he help him?

According to foreign media, he would ask for help in the form of military forces, that is, for Kim Jong-Un to send 100.000 soldiers for combat operations in Ukraine.
In return, "desperate Putin" as described by the "Daily Mail" in the text, the Russian president would send aid to North Korea in the form of food and energy.

Besiege: "We are ready"; Combat readiness raised, US aircraft seen on the spot? PHOTO

The ministry assesses that China's military exercises are extremely provocative, "whether it launches ballistic missiles or deliberately crosses the center line of the strait," reports Reuters. Some world media reports that Chinese forces have encircled Taiwan.

Taiwan condemns ’evil neighbour’ China over war drills

Taiwan blasted its "evil neighbour next door" on Aug. 5 after China encircled the island with a series of huge military drills that were condemned by the United States and other Western allies.

During Thursday's military exercises, which continued Friday, China fired ballistic missiles and deployed both fighter jets and warships around Taiwan.