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NGO sued over Lesvos post

The Regional Authority of the Northern Aegean said on Monday that it was taking legal action against a nongovernment organization called Moria Corona Awareness Team after it referred to "the Greek side of the island" of Lesvos in a post on its Facebook page last Thursday, thereby implying that there is a non-Greek side of the island. 

Cities of Karditsa, Rethymno aluded for pedestrian, cyclist safety

The cities of Karditsa in central Greece and Rethymno on the island of Crete received distinctions as part of European Mobility Week 2019 for their efforts to promote safe walking and cycling.

Karditsa came first in the category of small towns (less than 50,000 inhabitants), while Rethymno was second in the category of large cities.

Guns on Crete set back Greek efforts to save lives

All the road signs in the mountain villages in the regional unit of Rethymno on the island of Crete are riddled with bullet holes. Visitors stop to take pictures of what is in the eyes of many a sign of Cretan exoticism, usually with a mix of awe and shame. What kind of places are these, where primitive customs like the vendetta still survive in 2020?

Athens on alert over Ankara moves in Aegean

Athens is on alert over attempts by Ankara to press a revisionist agenda, most recently by issuing navigational warnings (NAVWARNS) which were seen as an attempt to obstruct the Greek naval training exercise "Kataigida '20" that was originally scheduled to begin Monday.

All military exercises were postponed over the weekend amid concern over the spread of coronavirus.