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Man accused of beating wife's ‘ex-lover’ to death

A 54-year-old Greek man faced a prosecutor on Monday charged with the fatal beating of a 40-year-old foreign national on the Ionian island of Ithaki on Saturday.

The alleged perpetrator's 42-year-old wife, who was present at the time of the beating, notified police after finding the 40-year-old dead in a hotel room on Sunday.

Man dies after being hit by train near Soufli

A man believed to be an undocumented migrant died on Saturday morning after being hit by a train en route to Ormenio from Alexandroupoli in northeastern Greece.
The incident occurred near the town of Soufli, close to the Turkish border, with authorities suspecting that the man had slipped into Greece through the Evros region.

Power pole vandalism leaves migrant camp in darkness

A migrant camp near the small town of Agia Varvara in the regional unit of Imathia, central Macedonia, was left without electricity on Wednesday after unknown individuals chainsawed a wooden power pole located outside the camp and damaged two more.
Maintainance crews who were called at the camp found one power pole had fallen down.

Croatian Councillor’s Solo Fightback Against Ethnic Hatred

Jure Zubcic, a 29-year-old city councillor from Zadar, has become known for taking direct action against anti-Serb graffiti - altering it from "kill a Serb" to "kiss a Serb".

Even though someone filed a criminal complaint against him, he believes that his actions have had a positive impact.

Homophobia Threatens Croatian City’s Tourist Appeal

Like much of Croatia, and in particular other parts of Dalmatia, the city's population of 75,000 is deeply Catholic and generally socially conservative; in a 2013 referendum, 75 per cent of those who voted in Zadar County backed a move to enshrine in the constitution the definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman, though the majority of eligible voters did not vote at all.

Authorities find migrants in refrigerated truck on Egnatia Highway

Greek authorities on Monday found 41 undocumented migrants crammed into a refrigerator truck on the Egnatia Highway in northern Greece.

The truck driver, a Georgian man, was detained after police stopped the vehicle at a junction between Xanthi and Komotini and found the migrants in an inspection.