Russia's 'Wolves' Ride Into Bosnia Despite Furore

...<span>Russia's 'Wolves' Ride Into Bosnia Despite Furor</span><span> Members of the Russian Night Wolves motorcycle club, known for their ties to President Vladimir Putin, have begun their tour Bosnia and Herzegovina, insisting it has no political 'message'.</span><span>Photo: BIRN</span><span>originaldate</span><span> 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM&

Bulgarian Car Participated in the Exhibition in Geneva

Bulgaria will be presented at the 88th International Motor Show in Geneva by the Designer Rosen Daskalov who is from Russe.

His model is a racing and street version and can be personally designed by his future owner. The car can be both as a cabriolet and a fully-equipped, closed coupe with air conditioning.

Car Fell off a Bridge Near the Businesspark in Sofia

Car fell off a bridge in Sofia. The incident happened near the crossing of the Ring Road with Alexander Malinov Boulevard, Nova TV reported.
In the fall, the car has turned over.

A Toyota Corolla car flew off the bridge near the Business Park and fell by the nearby tunnel . The woman who drived the car was injured and taken to hospital.

Pope Francis Gets Personalized Lamborghini

Pope Francis may have been given a Lamborghini, but he won't be driving it, reported The Local - Italy. 

The pontiff plans to auction his new Lamborghini Huracan - painted especially for him in papal gold and white - to raise money for charity.

Francis received the Italian supercar on Wednesday morning in a ceremony in Vatican City.