Turkey develops national car with Saab

A senior minister has announced Turkey purchased the intellectual property rights to Saab's 9-3 model, with the goal of using it to develop a Turkish-branded car and advance in the field of extended-range vehicles.

"We bought the Saab 9-3's intellectual property rights, but not its name," Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri I??k said in a televised interview on Oct. 15. 

An ode to muscle cars of a bygone age

Speed aside, strong cars were always admired for their raw sensation. Big engines in impressive designs that would attract attention just like a Ferrari would. Perhaps it’s not the same beauty, but a different kind, a majestic, classic quality which moves car lovers everywhere.


Top Muscle’s bible is an ode to these cars of a bygone age.


Montenegro to Host McLaren F1 Anniversary Race

The McLaren Group is interested in organizing races of its Formula 1 team in Montenegro, the government in Podgorica has announced.

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic on Thursday in Podgorica met the President of the McLaren Group F1, Ray Bellm, and discussed the possibilities of the Adriatic country hosting sports car racing events.

Hailstorm Caused Extensive Damage to Car Dealerships in Sofia

The majority of used car dealerships suffered extensive damage from the severe hailstorm in Sofia on Tuesday afternoon, reports bTV. 

A car dealership owner told the channel that the hailstones broke or deformed the windshields, back windows, headlights, mirrors, fenders of the cars and noted that the newer cars had more damage, than the old. “The old cars are sturdier,” he said.