COVID-19 pandemic in Canada

More than 120 people have been Arrested during a Dispersal of a Protest Camp in New Zealand

More than 120 people were detained today as police began removing a camp of protesters in front of the New Zealand parliament, the DPA reported. The camp was set up by opponents of compulsory vaccination.

Trucks and Campers Besieged the New Zealand Parliament

State of Emergency in Ottawa over the Freedom Convoy

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has declared a state of emergency due to an unprecedented 10-day blockade by protesting truck drivers that paralyzed the Canadian capital, Reuters reported.

"The measure is necessary because of the serious danger and threat to the safety and security of citizens who create ongoing demonstrations."

Minister of State – Nearly 7,000 students with covid 19 have been identified to date

To the question, where is the pandemic today, the Minister of State Akis Skertsos answers in a post on Facebook: "From 15/8 to last week there was a drop of 43% in the cases of COVID-19 in the territory. From about 22,200 per week they were reduced to 12,800 cases.