COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa

The ninth corona wave is in sight

Officially, it was announced today that the omicron sub-variant, "eris", was also registered in Serbia.
In the past week in Serbia, 686 people out of 4,705 tested citizens fell ill with the corona virus. That's why doctors appeal to citizens that if they have symptoms of a respiratory infection, they should not go to collectives, but rather "lying down" the infection.

New COVID variant not detected in Türkiye, minister says

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has announced that the country has not detected the presence of the new variant of COVID-19, EG.5, within its borders.

"Do not worry about these variants. There is no such thing as a transition to the periods that we have closed," Koca declared in a press address held in the Central Anatolian province of Kırşehir on Aug. 23.

Eris spreading, but experts say symptoms are mild

Health authorities worldwide are concerned about the rapid spread of the new EG.5.1 subvariant (Eris) of the Omicron strain of SARS-CoV-2. In particular, there is concern about the coming fall. Due to summer holidays and closed schools the spread of Eris may be slow, but come September, when people start spending more time indoors, it may dominate.

Covid cases rising along with summer complacency

Due to the absence of measures in entertainment venues on islands and generally in areas swamped by tourists there has been a rise in Covid-19 cases in Greece this summer again, combined with a slight decrease in the immunity of the population. National Public Health Organization (EODY) experts cite test positivity, urban wastewater analysis and hospital admissions.

Bulgarian Professor: The New Health Minister might Change the Approach to Controlling the Covid Epidemic

"A month ago, we warned the specialists that you should be careful with travel because the distribution of the new version of Omicron - BA.5 in Europe is consistent - it is currently also happening in our country". Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev said this on BNT

Greece is expecting a New Covid Peak between July 15 and 25

Greece is moving towards the peak of the contagion wave with Omicron variants. About 400 patients a day are admitted to hospitals, but the percentage of people with severe symptoms and deaths is low, according to the health ministry in Athens.

Between July 15th and 25th, the peak of the wave of infected with the new variant of Omicron is expected.

Coronavirus subvariants bypass immunity – New vaccines from October

Vacationers huddling on ships and aircraft for a visit to some Greek summer paradise will be exposed without any shield to the new subvariants of the virus.

Since the new sub-variants are evading vaccines and new vaccines are still delayed, it seems that the only protective measures against the coronavirus are masks, distances and hygiene rules.