COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa

The collapse of Australia

Last week, workers' absences due to isolation and illness became so serious that the national government considered lowering the age limit for work permits, so that minors could be included in food supply chains, according to CNN.

Europe could be headed for pandemic ‘endgame’: WHO

The Omicron variant has moved the COVID-19 pandemic into a new phase and could bring it to an end in Europe, the WHO Europe director has said.

"It's plausible that the region is moving towards a kind of pandemic endgame," Hans Kluge told AFP in an interview on Jan. 23, adding that Omicron could infect 60 percent of Europeans by March.

Ireland has Lifted almost All Restrictions due to Large Number of Booster Doses

Ireland will remove almost all restrictions against the spread of coronavirus today, after going through another wave of huge numbers infected with the spread of the Omicron variant, said Prime Minister Michal Martin in an address to the nation, reports BTA.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Over 80% of Patients in Sofia are with Omicron, in the Country – 40%

Over 80 percent of patients in Sofia have the Omicron variant. This percentage for the country is a little over 40. It is a fact that it runs with milder symptoms, but is much more contagious.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Almost 10,000 New Cases in the Last 24 hours

Magiorkinis: Many questions remain about the Omicron 2 sub-variant of COVID-19

Athens University Medical School Professor of Hygiene and Epidemiology Gkikas Magorkinis, a prominent member and spokesman for the National Committee on COVID-19, touched on the emergence of the Omicron 2 sub-variant of COVID-19 at today's weekly press briefing.