COVID-19 vaccination in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Authorities Come to Grips over Tightening of Anti-Epidemic Measures

Bulgarian health authorities are proposing a serious tightening of restrictions at the start of the fourth wave of the pandemic, but are facing opposition from the caretaker government and the party with the largest parliamentary group - 'There is such a people (ITN)'.

Delta Variant Comes out on Top in Covid-19 Infections in Bulgaria

The analysis of 394 clinical samples sent to the National Centre for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases for sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 show that in 389 samples or 98.7% the Delta variant has been detected, the Ministry of Health has announced. The Alpha variant of the virus was found in the remaining 5 or 1.3% of the samples.

Bulgaria with Most Deaths due to COVID-19 in EU

Bulgaria once again topped the grim list of deaths from COVID-19. It is the leader in the ranking per 1 million population.

According to data for the last 7 days, the country ranks first among EU countries with 5.3 deaths per million population. The source is Johns Hopkins University, which can be found on the website Our world in data.

Two doses of AstraZeneca needed for Covid certificate compliance

Ljubljana – The government has amended a decree on temporary measures to reduce risk of infection and the spread of coronavirus infections by changing a Covid certificate requirement for those who have got an AstraZeneca jab. Two doses of the vaccine will be required to heed the vaccinated-recovered-tested rule instead of just one as was the case so far.

In 24 hours 2 Die of Covid-19 in Switzerland, 30 in Bulgaria Due to Low Vaccination Rate

Dr. Asparouh Iliev, head of the neuroinfection laboratory in Bern, Switzerland, described the low percentage of vaccinations against coronavirus in this country as a major problem.

"With a comparable number of new infections in Switzerland there are 1-2 deaths a day, in Bulgaria in recent days there have been an average of 30 deaths a day," Dr. Iliev said in an interview for Nova TV.

Half of adult Slovenians now fully vaccinated

Ljubljana – More than 50% of Slovenians aged over 18 have been fully vaccinated and 55% have received the first shot of a coronavirus vaccine, the latest official figures show.

Figures from, the official vaccination portal, show more than 868,000 fully vaccinated and almost 950,000 having received the first shot as of Monday.

Where to Vaccinate in Bulgaria During Weekends

During the weekends in Sofia, Gabrovo, Pleven and two villages in the region of Vratsa, temporary vaccination points will be open, the Ministry of Health announced. The information does not specify whether the places have the preparations of all vaccine manufacturers, but this should be the case, given the supplies in Bulgaria and the generally low interest in vaccination.