COVID-19 vaccination in Quebec

The decision on the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine in Serbia is made

"Today, at 10 am, a session of the National Immunization Body will be held, which will give an opinion to the Crisis Staff on the third dose, and next week, the Crisis Staff will sit down and give recommendations," Brnabi told TV Pink.
Brnabic emphasized that a way must be found to additionally motivate people to get vaccinated.

Crisis headquarters agrees: It can get out of control, the vaccine saves lives VIDEO

"In recent months, we have data that over 90 percent of patients have not been vaccinated. This is a significant indicator of how important vaccination is. Most of our meeting was focused on how to strengthen the response to vaccination," said Dr. Darija Kisi Tepavevi.

Only Fully Vaccinated Can Enter Malta

Malta said  it was tightening entry rules to allow only fully vaccinated people to enter the country due to an increase in coronavirus cases.

Health Minister Kriss Ferne said that vaccination certificates will be required from July 14.

"We will be the first country in Europe to take this step," the minister said.