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Sesame Workshop enlists Elmo, Cookie Monster on hand washing

Elmo, Rooster and Cookie Monster are doing their part to help keep kids safe as the coronavirus pandemic grinds on.

The beloved Sesame Street Muppets are featured in some of four new animated public service spots reminding young fans to take care while doing such things as washing hands and sneezing.

Rites of Spring

Shoots spring out of the mulberry tree's dry branches, green settlements expanding on barren land. New tentacles reach out from the ivy, fresh leaves unfurl and grow. Everywhere - blossoms, shoots and buds. Life surges in its tracks, through every vein in plants and animals. It claims what it owns and keeps expanding, forcing the slightest crack, reaching for the light.

Today is Friday the 13th - a Date That is Often Associated with Bad Luck

Today is Friday the 13th - a date that is often associated with bad luck. Over the day, millions of superstitious people will avoid meeting black cats, stay away from mirrors for fear of breaking them. Here are some of the most sinister events that happen on this date:

1. Lightning strike

Could the Next Agent 007 be a Woman?

Contemporary James Bond filmmaker Barbara Broccoli says the role of agent 007 is unlikely to be entrusted to a woman, writes Contactmusic.

Fifty-nine-year-old Broccoli claims that the next Bond may be of any skin color, but not a woman.

"Bond is male," she said. "He's a male character. He was written as a male and I think he'll probably stay as a male.

All-female band rocks on to inspire women across Turkey

Performing now for three years, all-female Turkish band Marla aims to inspire women to enter rock amid prejudice in the male-dominated genre.

The group's five members, all in their twenties, are based in Turkey's capital Ankara and have come together despite backgrounds in different disciplines from medicine to French literature.