Creative works

The Paris Zoo Presented a 'Blob" Creature with almost 720 Sexes and no Brain (VIDEO)

A creature with almost 720 sexes became a sensation in Paris. The gloop is a yellow-coloured type of blob mold. It looks like a fungus, but behaves like an animal.

The living organism has no mouth, stomach or eyes, but has the ability to detect and digest food. The creature can crawl at speed of up to 4 cm / h.

British Television Is Launching a New Channel without News of Brexit

The British television "Sky" is launching a new channel without news of Brexit, Reuters and France Press reported.

Three years after the start of the crisis with the UK's exit from the European Union, the television believes that some viewers are so fed up with the divorce drama that there is a market for a news channel that has nothing to do with Brexit.

ATM stolen by robbers in Agrinio

Unidentified robbers removed a cash machine from the premises of a hospital in Agrinio, central Greece, on Wednesday before loading it into a getaway vehicle and fleeing the scene.
It was unclear how much cash had been in the ATM.
The getaway car, which police determined had been stolen, was found shortly after the robbery a few kilometers from the scene of the crime.

Taxi drivers' representatives in the Presidency with Vucic, protesters on the streets

Taxi drivers have been blocking the city center for 12 days, and have radicalized the protest since yesterday.
Vucic had earlier called for calming down and pointed out that a serious state was not responding to pressure and that a solution to this situation had to be found.

‘Aida’ on Ankara stage

One of the biggest productions of the State Opera and Ballet (DOB), 'Aida' opera, authored by Giuseppe Verdi, will be staged in Ankara for he first time on Oct 19 at Congresium. The opera tells the story of love between the Roman Commander Radames and the captive Abyssinian Princess Aida.