Creative works

Innovator and sound engineer Emilija Soklič wins Badjura award

Ljubljana – The recipient of this year’s Badjura Award, given out for lifetime achievements in film since 1995, is the innovator and film sound engineer Emilija Soklič, one of the first Slovenian professional female film industry workers. She will receive the award at the opening of the 24th Slovenian Film Festival on 12 October.

Ljubljana’s opera and ballet announces diverse 2021/2022 season

Ljubljana – The SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana, a leading national opera and ballet theatre, has produced a diverse 2021/2022 season headlined Long Live Opera and Ballet, the opera’s artistic director Marko Hribernik says. It brings music by Russian greats Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky, Italian composers Donizetti and Bellini and France’s Gounod.

Halloween’s Jamie Lee Curtis: ‘I hate horror movies’

She has been starring in the "Halloween" movies for 43 years, but Jamie Lee Curtis said on Sept 8 that the secret to her success is that she despises horror films.

"I scare easily," Curtis said at the Venice Film Festival, where the latest instalment, "Halloween Kills," premiered. "I am an untrained actor. I've never been to acting class," she told the press conference.

Thousands bid farewell to Theodorakis

Thousands of Greeks on Sept. 8 bid farewell to Mikis Theodorakis, a world-renowned activist and musician whose work brought Greek culture to a global audience in the latter 20th century.

Theodorakis, whose musical score for the 1964 movie "Zorba the Greek" helped foster a carefree image of Greece abroad for millions, died on Sept. 2 aged 96.