Mystery solved: Greek ‘Lochness Monster’ of Corfu revealed as optical illusion

A strange photo of an unknown marine animal taken by Scottish tourist Harvey Robertson on a boat cruise off the coast of Parga has made international news. The photo taken in sea caves shows a strange creature in a snapshot taken while Robertson was trying to capture the unusual color of the water. The grey creature seems to pop out of the water and then disappears under the greenish hue.

Living dead zombie dog of Saronida finally gets attention

A dog on the verge of death walked like a zombie around the seaside resort village of Athens, practically invisible to people in the region. The wretched creature had rough skin that looked like a tree bark due to a skin hemorrhage and was evidently in need of help as it searched through the trash to find food.

Argyro, the famous seal, goes viral thanks to Belgian tourist’s FB update (see vids)

The local community knows Argyro, the social monk seal that enjoys lounging on sunchairs on Samos, but it seems that the international press from the New York Times to London’s Daily Mail has just discovered this friendly creature. The docile creature went viral when Paul van Loock, from Belgium, uploaded a video on his Facebook page!

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