New plan to pay back debts

The government will submit to Parliament in September a new payment schedule for debts to the state incurred during the coronavirus pandemic.

These new debts will be paid either in 12 interest-free installments in 2021 or 24 low-interest installments. The amount of unpaid taxes and previous debt settlements that froze during the period from March to May exceeds €2 billion.

Banks grant loans of 4 billion lei under IMM Invest programme

As of June 15, banks had granted loans to the amount of 4 billion lei under the IMM Invest programme, and this week the one billion euro equivalent mark will be passed, Cristian Paun, chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Credit Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises SA - IFN (FNGCIMM SA - IFN), said on Wednesday.

Improving record in loan repayment in May

Loan managers are reporting an improvement in repayments in May, after the debt servicing delays recorded in the second half of March and the whole month of April. The restoration of payment flows signals a gradual return to normality, said Anastasios Panoussis, chief executive officer at Eurobank FPS and head of the Association of Loan Managers, at SmithNovak's European conference.

Banks in Romania have solved 83pct of the 317,000 requests from customers to suspend installments

The banks in Romania have solved, two months after the onset of the health crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 83pct of the approximately 317,000 applications submitted by customers, individual and legal persons for the suspension of monthly payment obligations from credit agreements, announced on Monday the Romanian Association of Banks (ARB).

New NPLs to reach 10 bln euros

The coronavirus pandemic will result in a new wave of nonperforming loans that could reach up to 10 billion euros, an online debate on bad loans heard on Wednesday. Most of them are expected to originate from the sum of recently rearranged loans that will turn nonperforming again.

EU countries to be allowed to grant subordinated debt to virus-hit firms, sources say

EU countries will soon be able to grant subordinated debt to prop up virus-hit economies, people familiar with the matter said on Saturday, as state aid regulators once again loosened rules to make it easier for companies get state support.