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Personal Data of 106 Million People in the US and Canada Has Been Stolen

The personal data of 106 million people in the United States and Canada were stolen after a hacker attack by a US financial company.

The information was confirmed by its representatives, stating that the hacker had made the breakthrough, had already been arrested. Data indicate that the attack took place on July 19th.

British Airways Faces a Record Fine - £ 183,000,000

"British Airways" will have to face a record fine - £ 183m because of a breakthrough in security systems that led to the leak of personal data.

Regulators have explained that this is the biggest financial penalty they have imposed and it is for the first time made public by the new rules that are in place.

Terminals for E-vignettes in Bulgaria will Operate with Debit and Credit Cards

Sofia. The terminals for the purchase of e-vignettes will operate with debit and credit cards, no cash payments. This is what Road Infrastructure Agency Chair Svetoslav Glosov said during a presentation on e-vignette purchase for cars and vehicles of up to 3.5 tonnes at self-service terminals, Focus News Agency reports.