Credit card fraud

Bulgarian Couple 'Executed' in Southern Suburbs Home in Cape Town

A Bulgarian facing charges relating to a credit card fraud syndicate was "executed" with his wife at their Cape Town home.

Police said they found Angelo Dimov and his second wife‚ Nessie Peeva‚ in Bergvliet‚ in the southern suburbs‚ with gunshot wounds to their heads. A police source said they were "executed" and laptops and cellphones had been stolen.

Card and Payment Industry on the Rise in Bulgaria

According to a new report, the proliferation of payment cards in circulation nationwide grew 2.08% annually from 2009 to 2013, resulting in a figure of USD 8.5 M 2013. Thanks largely to increased awareness and new technologies such as contactless cards, the average transaction value also increased to USD 85.5 (15th in Europe).

Greece's cybercrime squad traces online fraudsters

Officers from the police’s cybercrime squad have traced a 52-year-old Greek man and a 26-year-old Romanian national who are alleged to have made a series of online purchases using stolen credit card details, sources indicated on Tuesday.

The investigation was launched early this year following a tip-off implicating the two in extensive online credit card fraud.

Court Releases One Arrested for US Card Fraud, Other Stays Locked Up

One of the two Bulgarians arrested in Bulgaria for card fraud in the US, remains in custody, the other is released under home arrest, ruled the Sofia City Court. 

Mihail Petrov was released because he suffers from cerebral palsy and has clean police record, while Radoslav Pavlov is in good health and, though he also has clean record, will remain in custody for at least 60 days.