Plan to bolster island health structures amid pandemic

The Health Ministry's plan this summer to cope with the influx of tourism to the islands and mainland destinations include, Kathimerini understands, the designation of low-, medium- and high-risk areas, depending on access to health infrastructure, as well as securing beds for Covid-19 patients, personal protective equipment, respirators and other necessary equipment.

Greek beaches the world’s second best in Blue Flag count

Greece has been given another reason to brandish its credentials as a world class tourist destination after it clinched second place, after Spain, among 47 countries around the world for the number of blue flags awarded to its beaches. A staggering 497 beaches received the 2020 Blue Flag quality award list for beaches, marinas and sustainable tourism boats.

Lime to terminate Athens scooter service, report says

Electric scooter-sharing service Lime plans to terminate its operations in Athens in the wake of poor economic results, according to a report in Solomon MAG.

According to the same report, the California-based startup plans to downsize its business in the northern port city of Thessaloniki, while relaunching in Rethymno, in northern Crete.

Greek beaches awarded second highest number of Blue Flags

Greece's beaches have received the second largest number of Blue Flags among 47 countries worldwide this year, behind Spain.

The results were announced Thursday by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN).

Greek beaches got a total of 497 flags, while 14 marinas and six sustainable boating tourism operators also received the distinction.

The surprising dynamic of Greek-Israeli ties

During 2019, in the good old pre-coronavirus times, more than 700,000 Israelis visited Greece. They were dining in tavernas in the Peloponnese, walking in Vikos, singing along in one of Athens' bouzouki clubs, buying summer homes on Crete and Lefkada, or visiting Greek industrial partners. Greek and Israeli military forces were holding joint exercises. All that in the friendliest atmosphere.

Guns on Crete set back Greek efforts to save lives

All the road signs in the mountain villages in the regional unit of Rethymno on the island of Crete are riddled with bullet holes. Visitors stop to take pictures of what is in the eyes of many a sign of Cretan exoticism, usually with a mix of awe and shame. What kind of places are these, where primitive customs like the vendetta still survive in 2020?