Beyond policing

Soccer-related violence is not just a police issue. It is the business of several state agencies as well as the various bodies involved in the sport in order to dismantle the gangs that operate under the cover of a club jersey. 

No new laws or proclamations are required. The problem and its roots are well known. All that is required now is political will.

Drama near Grocka: Bus with fans from Croatia attacked

The police and ambulance quickly arrived at the scene of the attack.
The driver suffered minor injuries.
As "" learns, there were FC "Rijeka" fans on the bus and luckily no one was injured.
The police are intensively searching for the vandals who used batons in the attack. The vandals were wearing masks, the media reports.

Arson and punishment

The people who cause devastating and sometimes even deadly wildfires every year are effectively not treated like criminals. This is not only because the punishments foreseen in the law are utterly disproportionate to the consequences of their actions.

Bulgaria: The Five Police Officers that were Detained for Concealing a Crime have been Released

The five police officers from the capital's Second District Office who were detained yesterday have been released. They were investigated for concealing a crime, but evidence of bribery was collected.

For this reason, proceedings from the Sofia District Prosecutor's Office are sent to the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office, which is competent to investigate corruption crimes.

One arrested, five sought in connection with Mykonos house robberies

Police arrested one man and were searching for five more believed to be members of a criminal ring that broke into luxury houses and villas on the island of Mykonos. 

Officers detained a 34-year-old Albanian and opened a case against a 41-year-old Albanian, a 27-year-old Greek and three more unidentified individuals.  

The detention to the uncle of the mass murderer from Mladenovac has been extended

At the proposal of the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, the court extended the custody of G.G., uncle of U.B., for another 30 days, who is suspected of killing eight and wounding 12 people in the vicinity of Mladenovac.
This was confirmed for Tanjug in the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office.

Bulgaria: Police Action against Trafficking Network that Transported Migrants from Turkey to Western Europe

The Bulgarian police took down a human trafficking network from Turkey through Bulgaria to Western Europe.

Five people were detained on the territory of Haskovo. The organizer of the trafficking ring, a Syrian, and four Bulgarian citizens, complicit in the criminal activity, were detained.

According to BNT, the Syrian has humanitarian status in Germany.