Student Council:Anti-bullying working groups are no solution to school violence, but teacher and counsellor training

The National Student Council considers that the solution to school violence is not the creation of anti-bullying working groups, as the Education Ministry plans, but the training of teachers and school counsellors in this regard. "The National Student Council deeply disapproves of the Education Ministry's attitude about this increasingly serious problem.

New Phishing Scam Gains Currency in Bulgaria, Cyber Security Experts Warn

There is a new surge in phishing attacks with fake e-mails about outstanding liabilities to the National Revenue Agency (NRA). Fake messages are sent on behalf of private enforcement agents, the NRA has warned. In recent days, thousands of Bulgarians have received intimidating letters on their e-mails.

After Mladic’s Verdict: Six Lessons to Learn from Hague Trials

So if this is the moment when we can turn away from criminals and the damage they have left behind them, and toward the societies picking up the pieces, what are the lessons that can be learned from 28 years of keeping law on the front burner? Let me suggest a few, in the hope that other people can suggest some more.

Lesson 1: The search for truth is more than confirmation of facts

Raids worldwide as police reveal vast hack of criminal encrypted phones

International law enforcement agencies on June 8 revealed a vast three-year global operation to infiltrate encrypted phones with violent criminal groups, resulting in hundreds of arrests worldwide.

Unveiling the "world's most sophisticated" sting, agencies from Australia, Europe, New Zealand and the United States said they "operated" the supposedly secure "AN0M"-enabled phones.