Israeli ambassador Saranga says anyone experiencing domestic violence must speak up

Israel's ambassador to Romania David Saranga said on Tuesday that during the coronavirus pandemic domestic violence had risen and showed that anyone experiencing it "must speak up" and take action. He made a donation consisting of household appliances and non-perishable food to the Casa Agar Maternal Centre of the Touched Romania Association.

Plovdiv: A 16 Year Old Boy Was Kidnapped. The Kidnappers Were Found

Three people have been arrested for blackmailing and kidnapping a 16-year-old boy in Plovdiv. 

They abducted the boy in the afternoon of May 21 in Plovdiv, according to the evidence. Shortly after 5 pm, a signal was given in the Second Regional Department that a passer-by had come to the aid of a boy without clothes in the park area.

Man accused of burning father alive remanded in custody

An investigative magistrate Thursday ordered the pre-trial detention of a 45-year-old man from Thessaloniki accused of dousing his elderly father with gasoline and setting him on fire.

The suspect faces felony charges of intentional homicide, attempted homicide and human life-endangering arson.