Prominent lawyer arrested on domestic violence charges, hearing set for Monday

Police have arrested a prominent Greek criminal lawyer following allegations of domestic violence reported early Sunday morning. He remains in custody pending his hearing on Monday morning to defend the serious criminal charges of intentional bodily harm.

Delinquent motorists to be given licenses, plates back for vote

Thessaloniki Municipality on Monday said drivers who have had their licenses and/or plates revoked for non-serious traffic violations can get them back ahead of Sunday's European Parliament election. 

The move, which is customary for the entire country during elections and major holidays, is designed to lift impediments to those who need to travel to their constituencies to vote. 

Thessaloniki bus driver convicted

A Thessaloniki bus driver was sentenced to five months in prison, with a three-year suspension, after being found guilty of injuring an elderly woman who fell as she tried to board the city bus. 

The Three-Member Criminal Court of Thessaloniki found him guilty of bodily harm by negligence.