Crimes against humanity

Targeting ‘Turks’: How Karadzic Laid the Foundations for Genocide

The regime of Radovan Karadzic was not totalitarian in the sense that Nazism or Stalinism were; yet it was a regime that existed solely for the purpose of murder - the physical annihilation of non-Serbs, or more specifically, Bosnian Muslims.

Let me quote from Karadzic's court verdict a description of some of the events that took place in Rogatica in eastern Bosnia during the war:

Bosnian Court Confirms Ex-Soldier’s Sexual Slavery Conviction

Milan Todovic (left) in court with his lawyer. Photo courtesy of the Bosnian Court.

The Appeals Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Friday confirmed the December 2018 verdict, which found former Bosnian Serb soldier Milan Todovic guilty of raping a Bosniak woman in the eastern Bosnian town of Foca during the 1992-5 war and holding her in sexual captivity.

Understanding Ratko Mladic: Film Tells Inside Story of Trial

The former Bosnian Serb Army chief was convicted under a first-instance verdict in November 2017 of genocide in Srebrenica, the persecution of Bosniaks and Croats throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, terrorising the civilian population of Sarajevo and taking UN peacekeepers hostage, but the case has now gone to appeal.