Scores of organized crime cases pending

Hundreds of organized crime trials have been left pending due to an abstention of lawyers that lasted for two years owing to their opposition to a provision in the Penal Code passed in 2020. 

The provision in question set out the criminal treatment of those convicted on misdemeanor or felony criminal organization charges, sparking the universal reaction by lawyers across the country.

Fox killed and hung from tree on Kefalonia

Shocking images of animal cruelty have emerged from the island of Kefalonia, where an unknown perpetrator killed a fox, strapped it to two pieces of wood shaped like a crucifix and then hung it from a tree near a main road.

The gruesome spectacle was spotted by a local resident, who published photographs of it on social media.

Survey: 40% of Bulgarians Aware of Domestic Violence Victims, Calls for Action Rise

A recent survey conducted by "Trend" sheds light on concerning attitudes towards domestic violence among Bulgarians. The findings reveal that 40% of Bulgarians have acquaintances who are victims of domestic abuse, highlighting the pervasive nature of the issue within society.

Big change in schools: In two days...

The Rulebook is harmonized with the amendments to the Law on the Basics of the Education System in the past year.
Sneana Vukovi, head of the Department for Human and Minority Rights in Education at the Ministry of Education, said today that the rulebook is comprehensive and contains preventive measures, which was not the case in the past.