Criminal charge

Protesters Vent Fury With Zagreb Mayor During Trial

Citizens of Zagreb dissatisfied with the two-decade-long rule of their mayor, Milan Bandic, protested on Wednesday in front of the County Court during a hearing against him.

As Bandic walked into the court, they whistled and shouted: "He is guilty!" They also held up banners with messages such as, "Mafia go home". Some protesters sat in the courtroom.

Prosecutor in Koukaki case says evidence points to misdemeanors

Commenting a day after a government minister called for tough charges against anarchists evicted from squats in Koukaki over the weekend, the head of the Athens prosecutor's office, Evangelos Ioannidis, said that the evidence submitted to judicial officials by police justified misdemeanor charges, not felonies.

The trial in the most exposed murder case - the murder of a singer begins today VIDEO

Since the start of this case, he has denied that he killed his wife, a folk music singer, and has been charged with the criminal offence of a serious murder, for which he is facing up to 40 years in prison and is defending himself released from custody.

Man, 43, remanded for seducing teen girl who jumped on train tracks

A 43-year-old mini-market owner who has allegedly admitted to having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl who jumped in front of an oncoming train at Moschato electric railway station last Thursday was remanded in custody on Monday.

The man faces criminal charges of seducing a minor and misdemeanor charges of possessing child pornography.

Man arrested for stealing 28,000 loaves of bread

Another man, a 43-year-old resident of Pozarevac, a town in eastern Serbia, is also facing criminal charges for aiding the suspect in stealing a total of over 28,000 loaves of bread.

The crime was perpetrated from October until December 2018, the police believe, and has resulted in damages of over a million Serbian dinars (RSD) sustained by the company.