Forensic report says bones found at alleged criminal's home belong to teen girl (sources)

Bone fragments collected from the home of alleged criminal Gheorghe Dinca in Caracal belong to a girl aged 15 to 17 years, show the results of a forensic anthropological analysis conducted by the National Institute of Legal Medicine (INML), according to sources with the institute.

Investigation opens in non-observance of 112 emergency call procedures

Prosecutors with the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) have opened an in rem criminal case regarding the recent Caracal crimes, for negligence in connection with the non-observance of the procedures by the police officer who took the 112 emergency phone calls of 15-year-old Alexandra Macesanu.

Investigation of BAS: 81% of Bulgarians - Pure Materialists

81% of Bulgarians are fully focused on the achievement of tangible goods and this is becoming a major priority for them. On the other hand, 56.9% of the people in the country wouldn't break the law for nothing in the world, even if they have material or other benefit, a reporter told BGNES.

Former husband nabbed over woman's murder in Athens

A 32-year-old foreign national was arrested on Friday in connection to the murder of his former wife in the Athenian district of Kallithea earlier this week and is expected to appear before a prosecutor later in the day.
The 29-year-old victim, identified as a Georgian national, was found dead in her apartment on May 13. The forensic report concluded she was strangled to death.

Debate on illegal coastline structures heats up in parliament

A debate on the provisions of a draft bill that would pave the way for the legalization of illegally built structures on Greek shores continued in the Parliament's production and trade committee on Thursday, with the government facing stiff opposition from NGOs and experts.
Criticism focused on the possible legalisation of illegal construction by large businesses and hotels.