World Jewish Congress Condemns WWII Bleiburg Mass in Sarajevo

The World Jewish Congress, an international organisation representing Jewish communities, said on Wednesday that the Catholic mass due to be held in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 16 glorifies people involved in crimes committed by Croatia's WWII-era Nazi-allied Ustasa regime.

Unexpected blow for Croatia: "Sweden has become our problem"

Most of the infected are workers of the company "Djuro Djakovic Montaza" from Slavonski Brod, and some of the members of their families.
It is about 20 workers who returned to Croatia from Sweden on May 2 by plane via Frankfurt, which made that flight a new source of infection in Croatia, "Jutarnji list" writes.

Sites of Resistance: Marking the Anniversary of Zagreb’s WWII Liberation

On that day in 1945, anti-fascist Partisan forces reclaimed the city from Nazi-allied administration of the Independent State of Croatia, NDH, a puppet state established in 1941 and run by the fascist Ustasa movement with the support of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy, which passed harsh racial laws against Serbs, Jews and Roma people.

Orban’s ‘Greater Hungary’ Map Creates Waves in Neighbourhood

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic responded artfully on Thursday to a provocative Facebook post by the Hungarian leader that depicted a map of Greater Hungary - i.e. with the much bigger borders of the old Hungarian kingdom before the end of World War I, which included much of modern Croatia.

EU President Croatia Stays Silent on Hungary’s Democratic Backsliding

Sven Marcelic, an assistant sociology professor at the University of Zadar, told BIRN that one problem facing Croatia during the EU presidency is that, owing to the pandemic, "it is completely enclosed within a national framework", and so cannot fulfill its leadership function in the EU "at a moment when de facto it does not preside".