Croatian Government ‘Silent About Threats Against Journalists’

Reporters Without Borders said in a statement on Tuesday that a series of threatening messages sent to Croatian journalists recently were intended "to attack, intimidate and smear journalists to the point of dissuading them from pursuing their mission to report the news".

Die Press: Orgies of beating the Serbs in Croatia

Under the title "Orgies of beating Serbian minority in Croatia", Pres describes the assault that occurred in the caf near Knin, where the guests watched the game of Red Star, reports.
"The bullies came at night with disguised faces," Di Pres said, adding that the entire caf was demolished, while guests were beaten with sticks, bottles and fists, including minors.

Croatia to Dismiss Diplomat for ‘White Europe’ Facebook Posts

Croatia has suspended a senior diplomat at its embassy in Berlin over Facebook posts in which she promoted the European Union's newest member as populated only by "white Europeans".

Elizabeta Madjarevic, the embassy's first secretary, was recalled to Croatia and her dismissal has been initiated, the foreign ministry said on Monday.

Memory Loss: The Campaign to Whitewash Croatia’s WWII Children’s Camps

Beneath the landmark red-brick bridge in the town of Sisak, some 50 kilometres from the Croatian capital Zagreb, there's an unusual statue.

It depicts seven small children standing or sitting around a rock in a - now dried-up - pool of water. Nothing about it suggests its purpose.

Recognise ‘Storm’ War Victims, NGOs tell Serbia, Croatia

Human rights groups in Serbia and Croatia have called on authorities in both countries to do more to recognise and aid victims of a 1995 Croatian military operation that ended the country's war against rebel Serbs.

Croatia on Monday marked the 24th anniversary of Operation Storm, a military blitz that quashed a breakaway Serb statelet but put to flight almost 200,000 Serb civilians.