HQ for Defense of Vukovar in anti-Cyrillic campaign

ZAGREB - Headquarters for the Defense of Vukovar, a right-wing organization campaigning against official use of the Serbian Cyrillic script in Croatia, announced on Thursday that it will tour the country to convince the citizens that the referendum on bilingualism is neither unconstitutional, nor contrary to the position of the European Union.

Balkan countries train together for ISAF

Balkan countries train together for ISAF

Joint preparation contributes to regional co-operation and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Croatia and Montenegro troops work together in a training exercise. [NATO]

Soldiers from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Croatia and Montenegro are working together to join the NATO mission in Afghanistan (ISAF).

Hearing concerning Croatia-Serbia case finished

THE HAGUE- The hearing concerning the mutual ćarges of genocide between Croatia and Serbia held before the International Court of Justice and referring to the 1991-1995 war was completed on Tuesday.

The Croatian team replied to Serbian claims by saying that Croatia's Operation Storm had not been a genocide and asked the court to reject Serbia's countersuit.

Expellees against Croatian campaign to scrap refugee status

BELGRADE - The leader of the Coalition of Refugee Associations Miodrag Linta announced on Tuesday that he will request that UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres reject the Croatian initiative aimed at rescinding the refugee status of Serb expellees, adding that this would be the final act of the ethnic cleansing of Serbs in Croatia.

Coalition of Refugee Assocition supports Serbia’s legal team

BELGRADE - The Coalition of Refugee Associations in the Republic of Serbia said in a release Sunday that it supports the request made by Serbia's agent at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Sasa Obradovic to declare Operation Storm, a 1995 military offensive carried out by the Croatian armed forces, a genocide against the Serbian people.