Childbirth Often Traumatic in CEE, But Few Women Seek Redress

Daniela Drandic of 'Parents in Action: Roda [Stork]', a Croatian NGO that lobbies for the protection of women's rights in pregnancy and parenthood, said the accounts reflect a widespread failure to listen to and trust women, as well as a lack of confidence among women in the efficiency and fairness of the courts.

Croatia’s Euro to Feature Inventor Tesla, Claimed Also by Serbia

Croatia announced on Wednesday that the final proposals for the motifs for future Croatian euro coins, which will replace today's national currency, the kuna, are the Croatian coat-of-arms, a geographical map of Croatia, the marten - the animal after which kuna was named, the Glagolitic script - the oldest known Slavic alphabet and the inventor Nikola Tesla who was born in central Croatia.

Croatian Defence Ministry Says Soldiers’ Suicides Aren’t Connected

The Croatian Defence Ministry held a press conference on Tuesday to address public concerns after the fifth death of a Croatian soldier in recent weeks was reported on Monday.

Officials said that each case was unique and that the deaths, of which four were suicides, did not happen in military barracks or while they were on active service.

Croatian MPs Pass Law Giving Benefits to Civilian War Victims

A law that will grant benefits to civilian victims of the 1991-95 war was adopted by Croatian MPs on Thursday with 107 votes in favour, 16 against and five abstentions.

It was passed after heated discussions in parliament about whether the law would also give benefits to people who were part of 'enemy' Serb forces during the war.

New Retrial of Croatian War General Branimir Glavas Begins

The retrial of former general Branimir Glavas and other defendants for war crimes in the Croatian eastern city of Osijek in 1991 opened at Zagreb County Court on Monday.

At Monday's hearing, Glavas's defence requested that the trial be transferred from Zagreb to the Osijek County Court.

Croatian regulators approve Petrol’s takeover of Crodux, Iskra’s takeover of Elka

Zagreb – The Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) has given Slovenia’s energy company Petrol a green light on the takeover of Croatian petroleum products seller Crodux as well as authorised the Iskra electronics group to acquire Croatian electric cable manufacturer Elka.

Croatia’s Anti-Graft Body Probes Late Zagreb Mayor’s Associates

In a new anti-corruption action that started with arrests on Wednesday, Croatian police and anti-corruption investigators have launched an investigation into associates of former Zagreb mayor Milan Bandic, including the director of Croatian Radiotelevision, HTV, Kazimir Bacic.

Several regions and countries removed from red list, including Croatian Adriatic

Ljubljana – The government has changed the list of countries and territories placed in the red zone in terms of the Covid-19 epidemic to exclude, among others, the Croatian Adriatic area, Germany and the Czech Republic. The relevant decree adopted on Thursday will enter into force on Saturday and be valid until 20 June