Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia Federation Prime Minister Detained in ‘Respirators’ Affair’

Fadil Novalic, the caretaker Prime Minister of Bosnia's Federation entity, was detained Thursday overnight by the state law enforcement agency SIPA together with the head of the Civil Protection and the owner of a private company as part of an investigation into the purchase of allegedly overpriced Chinese respirators. 

Catholic Church in Bosnia to Hold Controversial WWII Mass

Ivo Tomasevic, secretary-general of the Bishops' Conference, the permanent assembly of Catholic bishops in Bosnia and Herzegovina, told BIRN on Friday that a mass to commemorate the killings of Croatian Nazi-allied troops and civilians by the Yugoslav Partisans at the end of World War II will not be cancelled despite condemnation from politicians, anti-fascist activists and many public figures.

Forgotten Victims: Bosnian Croat Fighters Never Tried for Elderly Civilians’ Murders

He recalled how the unknown soldier then told his father: "Turn around and look at your house one last time."

Alija Konjhodzic never saw his father again.

After the arrest, he went to the military police station to try to find out why his father had been taken.

Third Entity Would Destroy Bosnia’s Croat Political Elite

Their real goal is maintenance of the political status quo, which allows them to stay in power, manage their patronage networks and avoid prosecution.

While most of the Croat population in Bosnia and Herzegovina would support the creation of a separate Croat entity, or even secession, the elites would lose too much to genuinely support such a policy.

"This is an occupation of the Christian world, not a humane story"

"Bosnia-Herzegovina can only defend itself from refugees by changing its policy. We need to think about this problem in advance, not when we are confronted with them. We do not want a hard border on the Drina River, there are smarter ways of dealing with this issue. We can see what we can do further, in cooperation with Serbia.