Cruise ship

Τourism trending upward on Corfu

The course of tourism in Corfu is on the rise since the beginning of the tourist season, with over 45 daily flights from Europe, while the occupancy of the five-star and six-star hotels now reaches 60% -70%. At the same time more than 200 cruise ships are expected to reach the port of the island.

Shipping Minister: Greek ports ready to safely welcome the cruise – 7 new piers in the port of Lavrio

"Greece moved faster than other countries, creating a safe operating environment for cruises," Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Giannis Plakiotakis said, during his address at a Celestial Cruises event on the occasion of the launch of its cruise line.

Montenegro’s Empty Resorts Await Summer Season With Anxiety

Locals in Montenegro's coastal resort towns fear another bad tourist season lies ahead, as most of the resorts on the Adriatic are still almost empty. The country is recording a high number of COVID-19 cases, restrictive health measures remain in force and curfew is enforced from 10 pm to 5 am. Intercity traffic is also prohibited.

Cruise ship with 375 passengers docks in resort town Kuşadası

A Malta-flagged cruise ship which has carried 375 tourists from the Greek island of Rhodes to the popular Turkish resort town of Kuşadası, one of the important centers of Turkish tourism, has docked.

Some 375 tourists, mostly U.S. citizens, who came disembarked the cruise, entered the country, after undergoing thermal camera control, a precaution against the coronavirus.