Oblivious to change

The world around us is undergoing many important changes while we sit around stewing in our own juices.

US President Barack Obama is actually talking with Cuba’s Raul Castro, for example, but here in Greece our politicians can’t seem to find any point of agreement even on the most basic issues.

Historic breakthrough in US-Cuba relations

The United States and Cuba made a historic breakthrough in their Cold War stand-off Wednesday, moving to revive diplomatic ties and launch measures to ease a five-decade US trade embargo.

In the wake of a prisoner exchange, President Barack Obama said the United States was ready to review trade ties and to re-open its embassy in communist Cuba that has been closed since 1961.

Havana dancers to hit Belgrade streets on Saturday

Havana dancers to hit Belgrade streets on Saturday

BELGRADE -- More than 50 dancers from Havana, Cuba, will show their dance skills in downtown Belgrade on Saturday, May 10.

They will be promoting the upcoming concert of the internationally renowned Cuban band Afro-Cuban All Stars, set to take place at the Belgrade Sava Center on May 17.