Bulgarians Consume the Least Fruit and Vegetables in the EU According to Eurostat

Our country ranks at the bottom of the EU by the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed, according to data from Eurostat's analysis of the consumption of these products in the EU countries in 2017.
Only about 37 percent of Bulgarians consume fruits every day, and 45 percent of our compatriots eat vegetables on a daily basis, according to European statistics.

60% of Tomatoes on Bulgarian Market are Imported

Bulgaria remains a net importer of peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes due to the country's low production and the lack of indication of significant developments in the medium term. This was said in an analysis of the sector carried out by the Center for Agricultural Research in Agriculture (CAPA) at the Institute of Agrarian Economics.

Least and most addictive foods

It is generally acknowledged that some types of foods are more addictive than others. The findings of a study conducted on 504 volunteers by the University of Michigan indicated that Pizza topped the list. The participants were asked to try 35 foods and rank them from least to most addictive.

Bulgaria's Agriculture Ministry Receives Applications for Aid for Russian Food Embargo

Bulgaria's Agriculture Ministry has announced it is receiving applications for aid to compensate the damage caused by the Russian import ban.

The total budget of the aid scheme for all EU Member States amounts to EUR 125 M, and an additional EUR 30 M for peaches and nectarines.