Village woman shares success story at int’l symposium

A woman who made her village famous countrywide with special tomato paste and tarhana soup in the northwestern province of Bursa has been invited to international symposiums in Kazakhstan to share her experiences with young female entrepreneurs.

"A woman can succeed in anything she wants," Sermin Cakalıoğlu said in her speeches to Kazakh women in five meetings in three cities.

Eels travel from Mexico to Turkish waters to reproduce

Eels travel from Mexico to Turkish waters for 7,000 kilometers to reproduce.

Coming to the world in Mexico's Sargasso Bay, eels reach Bafa Lake in the southwestern province of Muğla after traveling for three years. After spending some time in the lake, they start to travel back to where they originally came from.

Bulgaria: Galloping Inflation - What Foods Have Become More Expensive and how Much

Foods prices are skyrocketing and break all records. In the latest news release of the State Commission on Commodity Exchanges and Markets (CFSBT) 37 observed products 26 have become more expensive, 9 are now cheaper and two are unchanged. In doing so, the committee only monitors wholesale prices, which are averaged for the country.

Orban: I think a prime minister must periodically find out about price of staples

Bucharest, Aug 23 /Agerpres/ - PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban said on Monday that a prime minister must periodically find out about price of staples, which affect purchasing power. Asked in a show on B1 TV if he knows the price of a loaf of bread, Ludovic Orban said that he consumes sliced bread, which costs about six lei, but that there is a tendency to increase the price of bread.