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All is One | Athens | To March 14

The Black Duck Multiplarte gallery presents a solo exhibition by psychologist and painter Mari Prouzou. An allegory on life and the human soul, "All is One" redefines notions such as beauty, youth, and the gradual loss of abilities, in soft but colorful depictions of flowers, birds and butterflies. Admission is free of charge and opening hours daily 1-9 p.m.

Horse carriages banned for three months on Princes’ Islands after glanders outbreak

The Istanbul Governorate on Dec. 20 announced its decision to prohibit the use of horse carriages for three months, after 81 horses were killed on the Princes' Islands off Istanbul, following an outbreak of glanders, a fatal equine disease.

Price for pork 15 pct higher than compared to 2018 (association)

The price to acquire pork, the main raw material for producing Sibiu Salami, has grown by 15 pct over the last year, but the price for the final product registered an advance of under 10 pct, stated, on Friday, Carmen Gavrilescu, chair of the Association of Sibiu Salami Producers (APSS) in a press conference at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR).

Bulgaria’s Parliament Accepts the Resignations of Liliyana Pavlova and Volen Siderov

Bulgaria's Parliament approved the resignations of Liliyana Pavlova and Volen Siderov as MPs.

On 5 June 2019 Pavlova submitted her resignation because the Cabinet nominated her to become a vice-president of the European Investment Bank, because of her valuable experience in financial and project management, as well as cooperation with European institutions.