State admits souvlaki price is set to rise

The Economy Ministry has reacted to reports about an upcoming 10-15 percent increase in the retail price of souvlaki, a popular Greek fast food item comprising grilled pork wrapped in pita bread, saying that the rise in the price of pork has not exceeded 1-2 percent at the moment, but it might tick up further due to a meat shortage in China.

Cyprus to EU: Speed up granting name protection for halloumi

Cyprus is urging the European Union to speed up the process granting full name protection to halloumi cheese, the east Mediterranean island nation's top culinary export.
Cyprus government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou told The Associated Press on Wednesday that authorities are pressing the European Commission to speed things up.

'Kebab well' at Saudi consul's house in focus over Khashoggi murder: Istanbul police report

According to the Turkish police report, there is a third well at the Saudi consul's residence in Istanbul, which is heated by natural gas or wood to some 1,000 Celcius degrees. It is normally used to cook kebab on the tandoor, a clay or metal lid over the well to hold the meat.

9 facts about Turkish coffee that may surprise you

Dating back to the 15th century, Turkish coffee is more than a cup of beverage for the Turks. It is a symbol of friendship, a tool for fortune telling and an excuse for chit chatting. A cup of coffee is remembered for forty years, an old Turkish apothegm says. Click though for 9 interesting facts about Turkish coffee that you probably don’t know, compiled by İnci Hazal Özcan: