Cultural anthropology

Trade union unhappy with partial reopening of hospitality sector

Ljubljana – Although the hospitality sector has been eagerly awaiting at least a partial reopening, it is unhappy with the government’s decision to reopen only outdoor facilities in eight of Slovenia’s 12 regions with the best epidemiological situation. There, outdoor facilities will operate from 7am to 7pm for a week from Monday, 19 April.

Turkey’s traditional strategy game added to UNESCO list

Mangala, a Turkish intelligence and strategy board game that is usually played by two persons or in groups, has been added to the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

With this inscription, the number of Turkey's cultural elements inscribed on the Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage has reached 20.

North Macedonia NGOs File First Lawsuit Over Discriminatory Textbook

The non-governmental Coalition Margini together with the Network for Protection against Discrimination has filed a lawsuit, demanding the removal of a university textbook that blames women for the rising number of divorces, condemns abortion and classifies same-sex partnerships as debauchery.

Turkish nomads’ migration hampered by COVID-19

Turkish nomads have crisscrossed Anatolia's steppes for thousands of years. But this year, they won't because their 1,000-year-old tradition was hampered by the coronavirus, which has ravaged the entire world.

When summer comes to southern Turkey the nomadic Yörük tribe knows it is time to pack their tents and embark on the long trek north with their herd of animals.