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800 Participants will Gather at Stara Zagora Masquerade Games on March 9

Some 800 participants from all over the country are expected at the 21st Festival of Masquerade Games in Stara Zagora on March 9, the Municipality said. The organisers expect the arrival of 19 companies, including six of children. Each company will present a custom typical of its hometown before a four-member jury.

Merry Christmas, Christ is born

B92 congratulates the holiday - Christ is born!

Christmas, along with Easter, is one of the two greatest Christian holidays. It is the day when the Christian world celebrates the birth of Christ and when, according to the belief, the spirit of Jesus is omnipresent among people, bringing them peace and forgiveness.

Top 11 artifacts in Turkey’s museums that you should see but probably missed

From Asia to Europe, Turkey has been the host to many ancient civilizations for thousands of years. With its affluent sources of ancient ruins, Turkey is in the forefront when it comes to historical artifacts. Some of them are not as well-known by tourists as they deserve, like the history’s first love poem and a Viking graffiti in one of the greatest buildings ever built.

Smuggled ‘priceless treasures’ of Roman, Greek, Persian, Islamic civilizations seized by Istanbul police

Dozens of ancient objects described as “priceless treasures,” including artifacts from the Roman, Greek, Persian and Islamic civilizations, have been seized from smugglers in Istanbul after the police’s latest sting operations. Click through for the story in photos...

Happy Baba Marta Day!

On March 1, we traditionally put on our hands martenitsas in white and red to be healthy throughout the year. The red thread symbolizes health. The white color is a symbol of purity, innocence and joy.

In folk performances, Baba Marta, merry and angry, is associated with the onset of spring.