Mets Carnival Parade | Athens | February 22

The Athens district of Mets is holding its fifth annual Carnival party and parade, organized by the Arditros cultural center and the area's elementary school PTA. The parade - marching to the tunes of the Batuca Latin music band and with support from the dancers of Arte Brasileira Atenas - will start on Harvouri Street at 11.30 a.m.

Defying Populism: In Defence of Cosmopolitanism

There is just one problem with this narrative: it is deeply misleading. And, for political reasons, that confusion matters.

As the philosopher Martha Nussbaum reminds us in her fascinating new book The Cosmopolitan Tradition, asked where he came from, Diogenes the Cynic answered with a single word: kosmopolités, meaning "a citizen of the world."

400 People were Detained during the Carnivals in Brazil

The carnival season in Brazil is in full swing, but besides the mood it also brings problems. 400 people were detained during the first weekend of the carnival in Sao Paulo. Many of them are minors.

Aside from the detentions, "45,017 vehicles were inspected, 24 weapons confiscated and 59.9 kilograms of drugs seized," a statement said.

Chanel Postponed a Fashion Show in China because of the Coronavirus

"Considering the current situation and following the guidance of Chinese authorities, Chanel has decided to postpone its project of a replica of the Paris - 31 rue Cambon 2019/20 Métiers d'art collection in May in Beijing to a later and more appropriate moment,"the fashion house said in a statement.  

Better care for city’s homeless

The City of Athens is stepping up efforts to help the homeless by increasing access to social workers and upgrading services.

The municipality's Center for Reception and Solidarity (KYADA) has doubled staff shifts on the streets, ensuring the homeless are assisted daily from morning until 10 p.m.

Net nominal average salary up 5pct in December 2019, to 3,340 lei

The net nominal average salary was 3,340 lei in December 2019, up from the previous month by 161 lei (+5.1pct), and the highest values were recorded in activities of services in information technology (including IT services, namely 7,689 lei, according to the data published on Tuesday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).