Cultural mobilization starts for Hatay

Preparations are underway as Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry is preparing to establish a coordination center, where historical heritage preservation activities will be carried out. The ministry asked universities to send any information, document, research, thesis, picture, etc. about the quake-hit city of Hatay in an attempt to reconstruct the life and cultural texture there again.

Pollock's Painting, found in Bulgaria, was part of Ceausescu's Personal Collection

The picture of Jackson Pollock, which was discovered in Bulgaria by the Main Directorate "Fighting Organized Crime", was part of the personal collection of the Romanian communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu, reported the Bulgarian National Television from sources familiar with the investigation.

This is evident from a stamp in Romanian on the back of the picture.

Orto Fest for rockers of all ages

Ljubljana's celebrated rock club Orto Bar will host the 23rd iteration of the Orto Fest from 30 March to 29 April. The 2023 line-up features 20 Slovenian and 10 foreign bands, many of which are well-known crowd favourites.

Opening the festival will be the popular Slovenian rockers Big Foot Mama, who will soon be followed by Dan D, described by some as Slovenia's Pearl Jam.

Bulgaria: 6 Injured 2 in Critical Condition after a Mass Brawl with Axes and Hoes in Kazanlak

Six people were injured in a mass fight in Kazanlak.

One woman has a fractured arm and two men are in critical condition.

One of the wounded has died, BGNES reported in the late afternoon.

They were taken to the emergency center in Kazanlak.