Paris Fashion Week channels humor, animated film for spring

As weary fashionistas made it to the final sprint of Paris Fashion Week's 96 physical and digital spring-summer shows, Oct. 2's runways provided the spark to keep energy going, despite rain and gray skies.

Some of the world's top designers channeled humor, bright colors, innovative design techniques and even animated films for ever-imaginative displays.

UNESCO calls on UK to urgently review its decision on the return Parthenon Marbles

In a milestone move, UNESCO has issued a separate decision on the need for the sculptures to return to their home beyond the positive recommendations that it has issued for years.

The decision issued at the 22nd Session of UNESCO's Inter-Governmental  Committee for Promoting the Return of Cultural Property asks the British government to urgently review its policy.

Gucci launches Vault vintage site during Milan Fashion Week

Gucci on Sept. 25 launched an e-commerce site featuring refurbished vintage Gucci pieces alongside capsule collections by young designers chosen by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele.

Michele said the project was born out of his life-long obsession with collecting fashion, including Gucci items before he ever joined the brand.

H Ζόι Κράβιτζ για το σέξι φόρεμά της που άφηνε πολύ λίγο χώρο στη φαντασία: Τι απάντησε στις αντιδράσεις στα social media

Επέλεξε να φορέσει μια διάφανη δημιουργία Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.

Ruined Heritage: Shkodra’s Historic Core Comes Close to Collapse

That lump of plaster fell from one of the many old and unmaintained houses of the neighbourhood of a town with a long history as a centre of trade and administration.

Over those centuries, many large walled houses were built. However, scores of these buildings are collapsing one after another due to abandonment, bureaucratic obstacles and lack of attention.

Ancient Egypt’s 'Ushabti' figures open to visitors

The 2,700-year-old Ushabti statuettes used in funeral rituals in ancient Egypt and found in archaeological excavations in western Turkey began to be exhibited for the first time at the İzmir Archaeology Museum.

Ushabti figures, small statuettes made of wood, stone, or faience, are often found in large numbers in ancient Egyptian tombs.

Suleiman the Magnificent’s caftan to be restored in four months

The ceremonial caftan of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent is being restored at the National Palaces Textile Conservation and Restoration Workshop in the world-famous Topkapı Palace.

"We are planning to complete the conservation work of Suleiman the Magnificent's caftan in four months," Başak Birsel, the head of the workshop, told Demirören News Agency on Sept. 17.