One country in Europe faces lockdown and introducing curfews

Indoor discos will not work, the working hours of stores are limited, as well as the number of customers, and curfew is introduced.
Catalonia, the epicenter of the fifth wave of the pandemic, is preparing to ask the regional judiciary for the green light to introduce curfew in the most affected cities, including Barcelona, Catalan media report.

Peak in Covid-19 Infections Makes Spain Turning back to Restrictions

Closing of discos indoors, restrictions on working hours or the number of customers and even the return of curfew: facing a sudden explosive increase in the number of new cases of COVID-19, various regions of Spain are gradually returning anti-cancer measures, BTA reported, citing AFP .

Spain Mulls Bringing back Curfews to Counter Surging Covid-19 Infection Rate and Save Summer Season

Spain's Canary Islands and Mediterranean region of Valencia have asked the government to bring back curfews to counter a soaring Covid-19 infection rate among unvaccinated youngsters that is threatening the summer tourism season.

Turkey lifts restrictions as normalization phase begins

Turkey has entered a new normalization phase, relaxing most of the COVID-19-related restrictions, including nighttime curfews and nationwide lockdowns on Sundays.

The new episode in the county's fight against the pandemic began on July 1 after the government decided to remove the curbs amid the decline in daily virus cases and fast-track vaccinations.

France to savour new lifting of COVID restrictions

People in France will on June 9 be able to enjoy indoor dining and staying out until 11:00 pm for the first time in months under a new relaxation of COVID rules, as cases fall and vaccinations rise.   

In a key new phase of the programme relaxing the lockdown, diners will be able to go inside cafes and restaurants, terrace consumption having already resumed on May 19.    

European Parliament Prepares for Its First Post-pandemic Session in France

Hundreds of European lawmakers and staff travel to Strasbourg next week for the European Parliament's first session since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, though many think it is too early to return.

Temperature checks, masks, a French curfew and multiple health tests await them, with a mandatory quarantine upon their return to Belgium if they are away for more than 48 hours.