Cryptocurrency gains targeted

The Finance Ministry and tax authorities are preparing to create a framework for the taxation of cryptocurrencies, with the establishment of the relevant committee being the first step. The difficulties mainly concern monitoring trade, as those who sell cryptocurrencies are unknown. At the moment the focus, until rules are put in place, is on the fight against money laundering.

Greek tourism’s markets offer positive outlook

The course of GDP and private consumption in the main Greek tourism source markets is expected in 2024 to fluctuate at the same levels as in 2023.

At the same time, the prices of energy products, transport costs and inflation in general are expected to follow a downward course, while the euro will fluctuate at competitive levels in relation to the main international currencies.

Euro at 25: The value of unity in a changing world

The case for Europe has always rested on solving problems that countries could not address alone. After the Second World War, visionary leaders understood that the only way to secure peace on our continent was to unite our economies. And a united Europe would, in time, require a single currency to make the most of the economic benefits created by this peace dividend.

Confidence in economic program increasing: Şimşek

Standard & Poor's (S&P) has confirmed Türkiye's credit rating as "B" and changed its credit rating outlook from "stable" to "positive."

"Confidence in our medium-term program is increasing," Treasury and Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek wrote on social media platform X on Dec.1, commenting on S&P's move.

Foreign fund inflows may start before elections: Banker

Foreign fund inflows to Türkiye are likely to gather momentum not after but before the local elections, says Hakan Aran, the general manager of İşbank, one of Türkiye's largest private banks.

The consensus is that foreign investors' interest in Türkiye usually increases before elections, he said.