Dinar-to-euro exchange rate at RSD 117.3205

BELGRADE - The Serbian dinar's official median exchange rate against the euro is 117.3205 dinars for one euro on Wednesday, the same as on Friday, the National Bank of Serbia said.

The dinar is steady against the euro m-o-m and up by 0.2 pct y-o-y.

The dinar's indicative exchange rate against the dollar was up by 0.4 pct to 109.7479 dinars for one dollar on Friday.

In Croatia the Prices are already Written in Euros

As of today, all prices in Croatia must be displayed in two currencies - local kunas and euros. This is a preparatory period, from the New Year the national currency will not be used. In the months until the end of the year, Croatians should get used to entering the Eurozone and, as far as possible, fraud and price abuse should be avoided, the government explains.

The Euro reached a Price of One Dollar - its Lowest Value in 20 years

Last night, for the first time in 20 years, the euro equaled the US dollar amid a cut in Russian gas supplies to Europe and growing fears of a recession in the Eurozone.

The euro was trading at exactly one dollar, the lowest value since December 2002

Oil prices also fell on recession fears as central banks raised interest rates to combat high inflation.