Bulgaria’s Exchange Bureaus to Fall Under Scrutiny

Bulgaria’s National Revenue Agency will conduct an extensive nation-wide checkup of currency exchange bureaus.

The reason for the tightened control is the upcoming summer tourist season, when the frauds increase.

According to the law, currency exchange bureaus operate at an exchange rate within 5% of the one fixed by the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB).

Government's flood relief accounts receive RSD 3.1bn

Government's flood relief accounts receive RSD 3.1bn

BELGRADE -- A total of RSD 3.1 billion (some EUR 26.8 million) has so far been raised in money donations for the flood victims, the Ministry of Finance has announced.

The report was valid at 18:00 CET on Monday, June 16, the Serbian ministry said on its website.

Foreign exchange rate increases amid fluctuating foreign trade

According to the exports data for the first four months of 2014, when compared to the first four months of 2013 of the low-rate period, we cannot say there was a ‘boost’ in exports, whereas the increase in the foreign exchange rate is not at all a small one The structure based on a low foreign exchange rate policy that Turkey has been following for some time due to the effect of chan

Crimea Switches Over to Russian Rouble

Crimea is switching over to the Russian rouble (ruble, RUB) as of June 1.

On May 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree which reduced the transition period for the circulation of the hryvnia (UAH) in Crimea and Sevastopol by June 1, 2014, thereby making the rouble the only legitimate currency according to reports of ITAR-TASS.

NBS sells EUR 40 million

BELGRADE - The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) sold EUR 40 million on the foreign exchange market on Thursday, keeping the exchange rate at RSD 115.9574 for EUR 1 for the fifteenth day in a row tomorrow.

Including the Thursday's intervention, the NBS has sold a total of EUR 820 million since the beginning of the year.