Bulgaria Boasts Positive Current and Capital Account for 2020

Bulgaria's current and capital account showed a deficit of115.6 million euro in December 2020 against a deficit of 248.1 million euro in the same month of 2019, the central bank said Friday. The current and capital account had a surplus of 1,009.6 million euro (1.7 per cent of GDP) in January-December 2020, compared to a 2,739.1 million euro surplus (4.5 per cent of GDP) in 2019.

How to Trade Fiat Currency for Bitcoin

Fiat currency refers to non-digital money. A centralized power controls fiat money. Several economic elements, as well as supply and demand, determine the value of fiat money. And these are the main differences between fiat currency and a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Examples of fiat currencies include Dollars, Pounds, and Yen.

Cyprus unemployment drops despite pandemic

Eurozone unemployment was stable at 8.3% of the workforce in December, the European Union's statistics office Eurostat said on Monday, despite continued coronavirus lockdowns in most eurozone countries.

Still, Eurostat said 13.67 million people were out of work in the 19 countries sharing the euro in December, up from 13.62 million in November.

Strong demand for Austria, Greece, Slovenia bond sales

Bond sales for Austria, Greece and Slovenia won strong demand on Wednesday, joining larger peers who issued debt via syndication earlier in the month.

Austria received 32 billion euros of investor orders, eight times the 4 billion euros it will raise, and Greece received 28 billion euros of orders for new 10-year bonds.

CFA Romania's Cabat: Romania probably moving towards switching to European single currency in 2030

Romania's switching to the European single currency, the euro, is likely to be postponed until 2030 due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Dragos Cabat, a member on the CFA Society Romania board, said on Tuesday, noting that there should be a decision at the political level to attempt to try to enter at least the Eurozone antechamber and meet the Maastricht conditions again.