Czech Republic

Bon Voyage? Czech Tourism Spies Opportunity in Pandemic

Prague has been no stranger to invasions down the ages. In recent years, a multinational force has taken over the centre of the city, albeit arriving on budget airlines rather than tanks and brandishing cash, not guns.

Since the Czech government closed the borders on March 12, the invasion has been halted in its tracks.

Flood of tourists slows to a trickle

Democracy Digest: V4 Countries Face New Challenges as Pandemic Eases

Czech Republic: economy slows down as lockdown eases

The Czech Republic further eased its lockdown and travel restrictions this week, as the coronavirus pandemic weakened. It has dropped the obligatory wearing of facemasks, allowed pubs, restaurants, hotels and museums to fully open and has partially opened borders, rail links and airports.

Another Mass Protest against Andrej Babiš in the Czech Republic

About 15,000 people, according to police, have again protested against the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš in central Prague. A week ago, 50,000 people participated in another demonstration, BTA quoted global agencies as saying.

The protest movement is being organized by the Million Moments for Democracy civic group, which is seeking the resignation of the prime minister. 

Summer Strife Puts Czech PM’s Populism to the Test

The EU has already frozen non-farm payments to Agrofert — one of the largest Czech recipients of EU aid — and the Czech supreme state prosecutor is looking into whether criminal charges should be brought.

Brussels is likely to levy fines and demand that past aid is repaid, meaning that either the state or Agrofert would have to bear the cost.