Dark web

Encrypted Phone Crack No Silver Bullet against Balkan Crime Gangs

When a French and Dutch-led police operation cracked the code to Sky ECC in February 2021, investigators gained access to a treasure trove of real-time evidence against a host of international crime gangs. 

Thousands of people have been arrested around the world based on the Sky ECC takedown; in the Balkans, Saric is the biggest, but he is far from alone.

Secure Comms: Cracking the Encrypted Messages of Balkan Crime Gangs

Sky ECC described itself as "a global leader in secure messaging technology", helping to keep a host of industries safe from identity theft and hacking. Law enforcement authorities in the United States and Europe, however, say it was created with the sole purpose of facilitating drug trafficking and had become the messaging app of choice for transnational crime organisations.

Bulgarian Military Cadet Tells Stories of DARKNET Hackers Victims in Film

Illegal trade in arms and people, scenes of violence and live murders - all this is a reality, but on the so-called DARKNET or dark web on the Internet.

A student from the National Military University infiltrated it, using his skills not to be tracked, and created a film that would be included in the curriculum of the National Security major.

Moldova’s Cyber Crime Defences Questioned After DarkNet Sting

Security experts in Moldova are raising questions about the resilience of the country's cyber defences after a massive operation at the European level, to which Moldova contributed, uncovered and closed the biggest DarkNet website selling drugs, stolen credit card data and malware.

More than 300 People from Over 12 Countries Arrested after Authorities Took a Child Pornography Site Down

Hundreds of people around the world have been arrested after a child pornography site in the Dark web was taken down by authorities in March 2018. The site has been selling child sexual abuse videos for Bitcoins.

The charges were brought against 337 users from 12 different countries. Among the accused is the alleged head of the site, 23-year-old South Korean Jong Woo Son.