Dayton, Ohio

NATO Should Replace OHR as Guarantor of Bosnia’s Stability

Bosnians, at home and among the diaspora communities in the US, Europe, and Australia, are in fact affecting change outside the political process by investing in the country's grassroots economic, cultural, civil society, and educational development. These commendable efforts will take time to develop and mature.

"Dayton 2 unrealistic; others can't solve Bosnia's problems"

The idea concerns "redefining" the Dayton Peace Accord signed in 1995 to end the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH).

According to the former Slovak foreign minister and former high international representative in Bosnia , it is "not realistic to once again sign an agreement that would define that country," N1 and Beta are reporting on Friday.

Man arrested in possession of original Dayton Agreement

Zeljko Kuntos, who was arrested on Tuesday in possession of the original Dayton Agreement, was offering this document for sale for about 50,000 euros.

Kuntos was hiding the original, in English, in his home in Pale, and he offered it for sale for the purpose of acquiring unlawful material gain, reports said on Wednesday.

F-16 Thunderbird plane crashes at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base ahead of air show

A fighter jet with the Air Force Thunderbirds was involved in a crash Friday at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, officials confirmed, cited by USA Today. 
"Upon landing there was a mishap," according to a press release. The F-16D Fighting Falcon went off a runway and overturned Friday, injuring the pilot.