Bourgas, Bulgaria: First Written Evidence that the Roman Colony Deultum had a Port

Archaeologists from the Deultum-Debelt National Archaeological Reserve near Bulgaria's Burgas have discovered the first written evidence that the Roman colony Deultum had a port, BGNES reported.

The inscription was found on limestone sarcophagus, dating from the II-III century AD.

Bulgarian PM Unveils Archaeological Site with Museum Near Sredets

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov unveiled the completely renovated archaeological reserve Deultum near the village of Debelt in the municipality of Sredets on Sunday.

The reserve shows the rich cultural and historical heritage of the region.

All artifacts which have been found on the territory of the archaeological reserve are exhibited in the newly-constructed museum.

Bulgarian Citizen Indicted over People Smuggling

A Bulgarian citizen detained with a group of 15 migrants on Thursday has been indicted with charges of people smuggling, the Bulgarian Interior Ministry has said.

The development does not have any explicit relation to the smuggling of the 54 migrants one of whom died after border police shooting on Thursday evening.