Turkey, US to establish patrol bases in Syria safe zone: Defense minister

Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has conveyed Turkey's intention to establish patrol bases with the United States in northeastern Syria in a bid to efficiently conduct ground patrol missions in the safe zone in the same way the Turkish Armed Forces has done in the fight against the PKK in northern Iraq.

Over 10,000 people tour Ship "Mircea" on its first Danube port of call

Over 10,000 persons toured on Sunday afternoon and on Monday the Ship "Mircea" which docked for the first time in a Danube port, in Tulcea, Public Relations Specialist Alina Davies told AGERPRES. "On Sunday, over two thousand of people toured the ship which docked in the Tulcea Port, and, on Monday, approximately 8,000 people came on board.

Share Your Views: Democracy Today in Europe’s Ex-Communist Bloc

The fall of the Berlin Wall marked one of the greatest turning points in world history, seen by many as a bright new dawn for Europe and its path towards freedom and unification.

But three decades on from the event that set off the continent's path to the end of communism, nations are re-erecting metaphorical and literal walls, sowing division again.

The next six months are crucial

Since July's general election, there has been a sense of optimism regarding the country's course, especially in business circles, inside and outside of Greece. As we learn in the first lessons in economics, "climate is everything." At the moment, we have a winning combination of trust and euphoria.