Brazilian Football Star Murdered, Found 'Almost Beheaded', with 'Genitals Severed'

A professional Brazilian footballer was found dead in a bush over the weekend after reportedly being tortured, almost "beheaded" and with his "genitals severed".

The body of 24-year-old Sao Paulo star Daniel Correa Freitas was discovered in Sao Jose dos Pinhais, a city in Brazil's southern state of Parana.

Mum angered by ISIS-style execution of egg on kids TV! (pics)

Angela Halliwell, aged 35, blasted the BBC for featuring a tast soldier beheading an egg on a BBC cartoon. The Ooglies on CBBC outraged the mother who complained to Ofcom.

“Kids could think extreme violence like beheading is normal,” she said.

The BBC disagrees and says the “beheading” will continue – as well as the exploding grape that accompanies the beheading.

New ISIS executions include exploding necklaces (pics + vid)

There is no end to vile propaganda videos showing new methods of torture and execution by the Islamic State. The newest installment features a video filmed over a 24-hour-period showing the execution of Houthi rebels fighting the government and al-Qaeda in the Arab peninsula. it shows the men standing with explosive necklaces around their necks before being blown up.

IS Releases Video Depicting `Killing` of Ethiopian Christians

Islamic State (IS) released a new video, which purportedly shows the killing of up to thirty Ethiopian Christians in Libya.

The video depicts one group of men being beheaded on a beach and another group being shot in the head in a desert, the BBC reports.

The victims are believed to be members of the Ethiopian Church, who had been captured by IS militants in Libya.

S. Arabia: Three convicts get publicly beheaded with a sword

After being sentenced to death, three convicts got publicly beheaded with a sword.

All three beheaded (a Pakistani and two Saudis) were sentenced for drug trafficking and murder.

According to the APF, the total amount of beheadings of people sentenced to death penalty since the beginning of the year reach the 48, which is much more than last year.

Watch shocking video made by Jihadi John’s sister

“The killer’s footsteps” is the shocking video made by Jihadi John’s sister

19-year old sister of the executioner of the Islamic state, is a University student of communication where she presented a short film that deals with the story of a serial killer with a hood, who brandished a knife chasing a schoolgirl.

‘Jihadi John’ identified as one Mohammed Emwazi, from west London

The ISIS “butcher’s” identity has been reportedly revealed.

According to the BBC and the Washington Post, “Jihadi John”, the masked terrorist executioner who beheaded hostages is one Mohammed Emwazi, the son of a wealthy family from west London and the holder of an IT degree.


Jihadists cut women’s hands off for using mobile phones

Jihadists found a new inhuman punishment for those using a mobile phone.

After the mass beheadings, the horrific hostage executions and various inhuman punishments for offenses, Jihadists have now decided to cut off the hands of every woman using a mobile devise.

Men will also receive a punishment of 30 whippings for the same reason.

Threats are not the answer

The country needs to reach a rudimentary level of national understanding and unity in order to overcome its problems and move on.

For the time being, however, it finds itself rolling downhill over a pile of threats and extreme polarization of the kind which can only lead to no good.