117 Years since the Death of Gotse Delchev

On May 4, Bulgarians mark 117 years since the death of the Bulgarian revolutionary hero Gotse Delchev.

Georgi (Gotse) Nikolov Delchev is one of the most significant Bulgarian revolutionaries. He is the leader and ideologist of the Bulgarian Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Committees, later known as the The Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization.

Boyko Borissov and Zoran Zaev Will Meet in Plovdiv

The Prime Ministers of Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia will meet in Plovdiv.

The second economic forum in the city will bring together Boyko Borissov and Zoran Zaev. The two of them will meet after the exacerbation of the relations between the two countries due to historical disputes around the figure of Gotse Delchev.

Long-Dead Hero’s Memory Tests Bulgarian-North Macedonian Reconciliation

Shared hero becomes bone of contention:

The feud erupted on June 9, when Bulgaria's nationalist Defence Minister, Krasimir Karakachanov, also leader of the junior right-wing coalition party, VMRO, warned that the work of the joint history committee had "stalled" over the issue of Gotse Delchev.

People in Gotse Delchev Protest because of the Suspended Access to Internet and TV

A protest against the action which was held today by GDBOP in the offices of Cable Sat West was held last night in Gotse Delchev.

Dozens gathered in front of the company's office to protest that half of the city is without cable television and Internet.

"Toplofikatsia Sofia" Stops the Hot Water in Five Metropolitan Districts

''Toplofikatsia Sofia'' starts the implementation of the urgent repairs and maintenance of the heat transmission network in the areas with increased emergency during the last months in Sofia.

In this connection, the hot water supply will be temporarily stopped, reported by the press center of "Toplofikacia Sofia" EAD.


Price of Public Transport Ticket in Sofia will be Slightly Decreased due to the Dirty Air

On 4th of December the ticket for all public transport lines will cost 1 leva, due to the high levels of fine particulate matter in the air in Sofia. The measure "green ticket" is introduced by the municipality, after the levels of the main pollutant in Sofia reached 7 times the norm according to the official data. High values ​​of fine particles were found in 16 other cities in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Tourism: 12 Wine-culinary Routes are Under Development

Gotse Delchev. 12 wine-culinary routes are under development, Deputy Minister of Tourism Irena Georgieva said during the Fifth Annual Congress of the Bulgarian Union of Balneology and Spa Tourism, Focus News Agencyreports. "The idea is to popularise Bulgarian cuisine as it is something that attracts tourists," she said.