Kiril Petkov: The Disinformation of Kremlin is a huge problem for the whole of Europe

"The Kremlin's disinformation and interference in the internal affairs of Eastern European countries is a huge problem for all of Europe. Attempts at destabilization are made by activating local politicians and strengthening autocracy at the expense of democracy. All this is done with a single goal - to make Ukraine's victory more difficult and Europe to weaken".

Mitsotakis: Victory over populism serves as lesson for liberal democracies

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis insisted Tuesday that Greece will be able to regain investment grade with a strong New Democracy government and that his "his victory over populism in Greece" serves as a lesson "for other liberal democracies."

"If you deliver real change for people, people will reward you," he told CNN's Christiane Amanpour.

Conspiracy theories

Greece is not Turkey. It is therefore a huge mistake for a party to adopt - even tacitly - outlandish conspiracy theories indicating that Sunday's election may be tampered with. Such issues have been resolved, once and for all, and no one has cast the faintest shadow of a doubt on any electoral contest since 1974.

Elections, fantasies and acceptance

"It is again confirmed that we do not know ourselves and that we take our fantasies for real," a Turkish friend wrote to me on Monday. It is difficult to feel just how much many Turks hoped that, at last, they would see an end to the slide towards greater autocracy and towards greater distance from the European Union.